The Lynch List, 30-Jun-2010

Not too much on the HRC front:

First: At least employers are still able to dabble in a little nepotism without the Overwatch (Tribunal) getting involved. In fact, two Tribunal cases have penalized respondents who have established anti-nepotism policies, since they discriminate on the basis of family relationship.

Second: A letter-writer thinks that the Ontario Human Rights Commission should have participated in the G20 protests. I guess they would fit in nicely with all the other Marxist totalitarians.

Third: Crying Wolf, or at least Crying Human Rights Complaints:

A restaurant in Ottawa South attempted to dissuade potential patrons from bringing a three-month old baby into the restaurant at dinner time. From the news coverage, it wasn’t as though the group showed up with an existing reservation and were turned away. The dissuasion took place at the booking stage, giving the family significant warning to find a place that would be more receptive to infants.

And yet, the women who were turned away (and the journalist covering the story) believe there is a strong case to be made at the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario.  But what ever happened to the rights of people who wanted to eat in a restaurant and not listen to a crying baby or a restless toddler? Is it discrimination for restaurateurs to consciously and openly foster a more adult environment?


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