The Lynch List, 09-Jul-2010

The summertime antics of the HRCs:

First: It’s a sad, sad, world, when it takes a Human Rights Tribunal to intervene between smokers and their smoke-sensitive neighbors (disclaimer: I’m one of the latter). When it comes down to it, a strata council has the ability to set policies banning smoking in the building – it’s incumbent on the renter to find a strata with such a bylaw.

Until, that is, the Tribunal strikes down smoking bans as being discriminatory based on disability.

Second: Brian Lilley on CHRC deputy chief commissioner David Langtry’s expense account:

Since he was appointed as deputy chief commissioner of the Canadian Human Rights Commission in 2007 by his pal Vic Toews, Langtry has spent a small fortune flying back and forth to Ottawa, sometimes on a weekly basis. We not only pay for his flights and his ability to rack up the frequent-flyer points, we pay for his hotel and his food.

That’s right, the Canadian Human Rights Commission that is careless with your rights is also careless with your money.

He also points out that Langtry – and Jennifer Lynch – were appointed by the Conservative Party. Thanks a bunch, Harper.

Third: I’m curious. Now that a Quebec court has recognized that the “supremacy of God” clause in the Charter actually means something, will that make it possible to challenge Tribunals on Charter grounds when they ride roughshod over religious freedom?

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