The Lynch List, 23-Jul-2010

Your Friday List coming right up:

First: Guess who’s been popping by this site? (thanks BCF) Good afternoon, CHRC investigators!

Second: The language of the grievance-hucksters is getting even more humorous. Now, residents of subsidized housing are there only because we’ve forced them to live there (emphasis mine):

Borutski says she hopes the hearing will “finally garner enough public attention and dialogue to provide protection for non-smoking seniors and persons with disabilities forced to live in subsidized housing.”

Funny. I’ve never seen any padlocks on the doors, barbed-wire fences, or armed guards patrolling outside.  At any rate, this complaint certainly involves two competing rights that are currently at the vanguard of BCHRT policymaking – the right to smoke vs the right to breathe. Interesting times.

Third: So the Human Rights Codes were intended to be remedial, right? A municipality named in a complaint is making efforts to rectify some of the issues brought up by the complainant, and wants a hearing deferred so that they can review the contentious policies and consult with stakeholders, including the OHRC and the complainant. But this isn’t good enough for the Dream Team, who launched the complaint. They want the Tribunal to step in immediately and force the municipality to meet their demands. The next time I hear the word “remedial”, I’m going to lose my lunch.

Fourth: All right, I can’t always disagree with Barbara Hall. She’s quite correct when she says that the costs incurred by disabled political candidates as a result of their disability should be exempted from their expense limits. However, I don’t think that the taxpayer should have to pay for extra services for every disabled person who fancies running for office. What do you think?

Fifth: Scaramouche goes through the OHRC’s annual report…

Sixth: The OHRC wants the long-form census to remain (scroll down) – it’s a little more difficult to invent group grievances without cost-free data that handily categorizes everyone into their respective groups, isn’t it?


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