The Lynch List, 09-Aug-2010

Here we go…

First: Boy slips on wet grass in gym class. Time for a human rights complaint. Not to mention it looks like the mother has a history of butting heads with public school officials:

However, when the boy was in Grade 4, and still receiving a maintenance dose of chemotherapy, a disagreement developed between the mother and school staff about the level of support he required.In September of 2008, the boy began attending school in West Vancouver and started going to Pauline Johhnson in January of 2009. But again, disagreements developed between the mother and school staff about the kind of support her son should have.

Ah, there’s nothing like a good parent-teacher conference with an army of BCHRT mediators in attendance.

Second: Okay, I’m all for respect and encouragement for Canadians wishing to have a family. But the concept of the prohibition of discrimination on “family status” is way overboard. Basically, once you have a kid, you have a human right to pick your own working hours:

Both before going on maternity leave and before returning to work in 2004, Johnstone had asked her employer if she could come back on an altered schedule, one in which she worked three static 13-hour shifts a week, with no preferred start time.

Third: Okay, I’m all for respect and encouragement of Canada’s breastfeeding mothers. But have you ever heard of someone breastfeeding while getting onto a bus? I’ve never had the opportunity to nurse an infant but it strikes me as somewhat awkward to be walking and breastfeeding at the same time. Even more awkward to be doing it completely uncovered in public. At any rate, it’s a human right to do so

Fourth: A good read: Michael Veck from the Canadian Center for Policy Studies: Human Rights as a Dangerous Ideological Abstraction:

The trend today consists in converting into “human rights” all manners of personal demands, wishes, and interests. In this view, individuals would have the “human right” to satisfy any and all demands simply because they can formulate them. Nowadays, to demand one’s “human rights” is only a way to maximize one’s interests. Reduced to a wish list or letter to Santa Claus and posited as needs, “human rights” continuously proliferate without anybody even bothering to justify their raison d’etre.

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