The Lynch List, 11-Aug-2010

They may be trying to fly under the radar, but the Lynch Mob keeps ’em honest…

First: Barbara Hall has received a promotion, and no, it’s not the Tony Hayward-esque promotion that you were hoping for. Rather than Siberia, Hall is now going to head up CASHRA, the national association of human rights agencies. Oh joy. But never fear – this position isn’t a full-time one, so she will still be terrorizing the citizens of Ontario for years to come…

Second: Further developments on the complaint against the DVBIA’s Ambassador program: one employee understood that she was supposed to patrol public areas to “improve the safety of the public”. Heaven forbid – the homeless have a human right to illegally camp, drink, and use drugs in public property, don’t they?

Third: The woman who was able to board a bus while openly breastfeeding is dropping her complaint, apparently satisfied that her demands have been met.

Fourth: Another case of the Tribunal forcing complainants to break other laws? Turbans and hardhats.


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