The Lynch List, 13-Aug-2010

The Lynch List will go on hiatus for a week, but be back before August is through:

First: Asking Human Rights Tribunals to keep accurate transcripts may have “unintended consequences“, says the BC Appeal Court:

They are particularly concerned that such recordings and transcripts made from them could disrupt the aim of administrative law statutes: expeditious and efficient dispute settlement.

If such transcripts were available for later judicial review, the tendency would be almost irresistible for the parties involved to conduct wide-ranging examinations rather than presenting focused briefs.

The article goes on to describe how the BCHRT dodged this type of accountability:

The companies’ representatives and the tribunal were at loggerheads throughout and the firms wanted a record of the proceedings.

SELI asked the tribunal to provide a court reporter; it refused.

SELI sought permission to tape the proceedings on a recorder provided by the tribunal, but it again declined.

Finally, SELI asked permission to record the hearing, acknowledging that the recordings would not be “part of the official record.”

This request was granted on condition copies of the tapes were provided daily to the Construction and Specialized Workers’ Union, Local 1611, and the tribunal, and that any transcripts were provided too.

Second: This is the right way to go about seeking alternative treatments for diseases like Multiple Sclerosis. If there is a treatment available in a different country that you’re willing to try, then fundraise to pay for it. Your neighbors and fellow citizens are by and large good people, and you shouldn’t have much of a problem raising the money if you have a good case:

But not one to give up, Hutchinson has continued searching for alternate answers, and the former real estate agent believes a new experimental “liberation” treatment offered in places such as Poland and Bulgaria offer hope of a normal, pain-free life.

That’s why Oram is holding a fundraising event this Saturday, Aug. 14 at the Artful Dodger Pub in Fernridge.

But here’s how not to go about it: claiming that such treatments are your “right” and everyone else should be forced to pay for them:

While Hutchinson is among about 80 patients in B.C. who have filed a class-action claim with the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal [MS patient battles for treatment, Aug. 6, Langley Advance], she’s hoping to travel to Poland next month for the surgery.

Third: Walker Morrow at the Propagandist reports that the changes at the BCHRT might not be so good for us after all:

all that part-time stuff is a thing of the past. BC’s Ministry of the Attorney General has said that not only will Bernd Walter ( that’s his real name, not a typo ) have a full-time position, his replacement will be on a full-time basis as well.


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