The Lynch List, 23-Aug-2010

The holiday version of the Lynch List:

First: The Human Rights Commission of Ontario had another “balancing of rights” problem on its hands. That is, how to balance a disabled child’s right to scream racial epithets at summer camp (in the name of accommodation) against the right not to be discriminated against. The disabled child won – his exclusion from future summer camps as a result of his behaviour was ruled discriminatory, and the camp was required to pay $12,000 in injury to dignity. I wonder who is going to pay to compensate the injury to dignity of those fellow campers of African ancestry who are subject to continuing ethnic slurs?

A letter-to-the-editor echoes the incredulity:

What about the dignity, feelings and self-respect of the children who were on the receiving end of his racial slurs and misbehaviour? Do they get a payout as well?

A second letter recognizes that this will further discourage charitable and not-for-profit organizations:

For those bleeding hearts who would hail this human rights tribunal ruling as progress, it will do nothing to create programs for disabled folks and will serve only to dry up the good work of communities and organizations.

Second: Another complaint is brewing over women in sports. This time, the Pan-Am Games are in their sights. Several events only have competitions for the men, supposedly because too few female athletes are available to provide any sort of competition. But the same group that wasted taxpayers’ money during the Olympics in trying to force the international Olympic Commission to hold female ski-jumping is now about to travel the same route again. In her article, Laura Robinson comes across as more sexist than the men she rails against (“not one penny of public funds should go towards a stadium that is devoted to a men’s professional, privately owned sport…”)

Third: The BC Human Rights Tribunal has reserved the right to examine and set home-care fees in that province. Who needs cabinet ministers when the local HRT feels it has the power to make all these decisions?

Fourth: An update on Warman vs Levant, from the National Post:

A judge has ordered anti-hate lawyer Richard Warman to turn over a laptop computer he used to create false personas on far-right websites, so that an independent expert can search it for evidence that Mr. Warman authored a racist comment against a Canadian senator.


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