The Lynch List, 07-Sep-2010

Now that labour day is done, it’s time to get back to work…

First: The various courts kept this one alive for 19 years, until the Human Rights system became activist enough to be favorable towards the complainant: Albertan wins $650,000 in 19-year lawsuit.

Note that she was seeking $4-million in damages. No digging for gold, nope.

Second: This one is an old one, but I stumbled across it when researching similar cases. An autistic complainant gives the Tribunal a taste of how “reasonable accommodation” can be defined at will:

At the outset, it must be noted that the Complainant, in her final submissions as well as throughout the hearing, was very critical about how the Tribunal dealt with her requests for accommodation during the hearing. The Complainant was of the view that the Tribunal was more inclined to accommodate non-autistic people’s needs than her own needs. For example, Ms. Dawson stated repeatedly at the beginning of the hearing that the hearing was not accessible to autistic people like her. She furthermore stated that she was not provided with the information she needed, nor was she provided with the answers she needed. She further asserted that the kind of schedule imposed on her, i.e. long lunch hours, long hours, did not meet her needs, that what she needed was a very fast concentrated day with short breaks, no lunch.

Third: Exporting the Human Rights Racket: Obama is withholding millions of dollars in aid to Mexico amidst demands that it give more power to its Human Rights Commission.

Fourth: Poverty groups are getting worried about the human rights system in Canada. That’s encouraging to hear.


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