The Lynch List, 27-Sep-2010

First: An employee at Brentwood College, a private boarding school in BC, is filing a complaint with the BC Human Rights Tribunal over some insults she received from her boss. The complainant, in her own words, gets to the root of what the Human Rights system was created to do:

Can anyone call me any awful name they want and get away with it?

Okay, so how did the school deal with the situation?

Nelson was suspended for four-and-a-half weeks with a week’s holiday during the school’s investigation into the incident. The school administration also held an hour and 15 minute mediation session on Sept. 16 with the co-workers present at the incident, but it achieved little, said Baker.

Nelson returned to work Wednesday

Nelson wrote a hand-written letter of apology to Baker.

Not good enough, says the complainant, who won’t rest until the employee that insulted her is fired. Remember, HRTs are supposed to be remedial. Really.

Second: Hmm, a lawyer wants the Tribunal to unilaterally declare everyone within the legal profession as racists. Oh, and all lawyers hate disabled people, too. The Tribunal said so.

Third: Pete McMartin on the waitress who feels she has the human right to wear whatever she wants:

Now, the first clue for Bil that the Shark Club may not have been the right fit for her employment-wise, if she was dress-code sensitive, would be the fact that it was named the “Shark Club” and not “Mom’s Family Diner.” It would be for that very same reason you do not find many professors of feminist studies working at Hooters, unless they are on sabbatical.

Even more oddly, she did not take issue with the fact that she was hired in the first place precisely because she was young, attractive and female. That is, once she was in the door, she took issue with one kind of discrimination, as she saw it, but had no problem with taking advantage of or was blind to another, and to me worse, kind of discrimination in the service industry that got her in the door in the first place — the kind that discriminates in favour of beauty.

Sometimes, the real issue, and the greater injustice, is as plain as the look on your face.

Bil should look in the mirror.

Fourth: The federal government has dropped its appeal to the Federal Court of Appeal concerning the Tribunal order that found the government discriminated against nurses who determine CPP eligibility. This is an interesting case, because the Tribunal has forbidden the discrimination against among classes that are unprotected (nurses vs doctors) simply by virtue of there being more women than men in one class. This sets a precedent that can be used by Tribunals to expand the definitions of “protected groups” indefinitely.

Fifth: Nice to see that Walker Morrow is still keeping an eye on the Commissions…


2 Responses to The Lynch List, 27-Sep-2010

  1. Keeping an eye on these things has become like a compulsion for me…I just can’t quit it :)

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