The Lynch List, 05-Oct-2010

And on we go…

First: An excellent new source of complaints for the Human Rights industry:

It may seem odd that an employer can discriminate against an employee based on a mental or physical disability when the employee doesn’t actually have a disability…

Second: Do you think that a municipality has a right to ask their firefighters for criminal record checks? Not in BC.

Third: Wow. The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario decided to restrict itself from intervening in government funding decisions for special needs education.

The Tribunal ruled that as long as the substantive accommodations as recommended by the IPRC and IEP are generally implemented, the substantive standard of the duty to accommodate will be met.

Maybe Heather McNoughton should read this ruling.

Fourth: Walker Morrow howls at the Moon (Richard Moon) in the Libertas Post: Human Rights Runaround:

Check out the part of his contract under ‘Reporting’: “Throughout the term of this contract, the Contractor shall provide the Project Officer with periodic verbal updates of the progress of his work.” So, Moon was reporting back to the people he was supposed to be reviewing, he had to take input from them on the contents of his report, and he was taking their money directly the whole time. Can you say conflict of interest? As far as I’m concerned, his own introduction to the bizarre world of human rights legislation thanks to the HRTO is just desserts for participating in such a farce. But maybe I’m just being bitter.


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