The Lynch List, 15-Oct-2010

A light List for you this Friday:

First: Think the OHRT cares about collateral damage? After pressuring Ontario’s high school sporting organizations to allow girls onto boys-only teams, girl’s teams that have lost their best players are now folding across the province. Thanks to the OHRT, the opportunities for girls to participate in sports has declined.

Second: Holland’s court system seems to have taken on many of the facets of our HRCs. Geert Wilders, charged for uttering hate speech when he called for immigration reform and the banning of the Koran, is still before the courts despite the prosecution pleading for an acquittal. In fact, it was the court who started this whole debacle by ordering the prosecution to press the case that they didn’t want anything to do with.

Third: You learn something new every day. You have the human right to eat food on the transit system. Well, at least in Ontario you do.

Fourth: Vancouver City councillor Geoff Meggs, with well-known ties to big labour, is also none to happy about the consultations in BC into getting the BC Human Rights Tribunal out of workplace disputes. Gee, I wonder why.

Sixth: Great. Just great. Now the Federal Court has begun to order the CHRC to be more thorough in their inveistigations before they dismiss a complaint. That’s just what we need.


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