The Lynch List, 27-Oct-2010

First: It’s not a human rights case (yet) but it should be – I’ll be following quite closely the appeal concerning Quebec’s high school course on “ethics and religious culture” that has been forced on every single teenager in the province. If there ever was a human right, it’s the right of children to be free from government propaganda that tries to divide the beliefs of children from those of their parents. You know, that rarely-defended right to “freedom of conscience”.

Second: The Ontario Human Rights Tribunal – well, at least Comrade Wright – has declared it has no jurisdiction to hear complaints about newspaper editorials.

Alan Whiteley, a lawyer who lives in Picton, filed the complaint, arguing the contents of the editorial discriminated against an identifiable group — newly arrived “imports” to Prince Edward County. Adjudicator David A. Wright decided the tribunal “has no jurisdiction to scrutinize the content of newspaper editorials.”

Surprisingly, the OHRC agreed, and intervened for the rejection of this complaint. The OHRC? Really? The same OHRC that recommended to the CHRC to institute a National Press Council to govern what newspapers can and cannot print?

Third: Ah yes, the Human Rights Tribunal – the entity most likely to engage in the very racial categorization and stereotyping that it condemns (emphasis mine):

The hearing was adjourned in May because Bruce Robertson, Director of Toronto’s Licensing and Standards Division, revealed the City had photos of almost all taxi licence holders. He also said there were 3451 standard taxi licences operating in the City, with one third of them owned by corporations. As a result of that bombshell, it was decided to adjourn the case to allow for further study of the ethnic composition of the groups of licence holders. On October 29 there will be argument about the scope of that study and, in particular, whether corporate owners of standard licences should be included.

Racial quotas are just that – racist.

Fourth: Howard Levitt is the legal bulldog nipping at the fringes of the Human Rights system. In this column, he outlines how employers can go after “sick” employees, without getting a human rights complaint.


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