The Lynch Mob, 29-Oct-2010

First: A particularly galling BCHRT decision loses in court – again. In 2005, Heather McNoughton ruled in favor of Rick Moore, and assumed the power to make funding decisions that were normally handled by the Ministry of Education. Specifically, to dedicate more resources to certain types of disabled students. Successive courts have now disagreed, stating that the Tribunal erred by insisting on positive discrimination when its mandate is only to remedy negative discrimination, or “disparate treatment”.

But the complainant, who claims to be of “modest means”, has deep enough pockets to take you and I taxpayer to the supreme court. Oh joy.

Second: The Saskatchewan Human Rights Tribunal didn’t like being smacked down by the courts – again – so it’s taking the Bill Whatcott decision to the Supreme Court of Canada. If you’ve been living under a rock, Bill Whatcott is a rather extreme anti-gay activist who has distributed flyers critical of the gay agenda in several instances, bringing him before HRTs, the courts, and even a censure from his employer.

Seems like the SCC docket is getting full of questionable human rights cases.

Third: I guess we could also file this one under “Why our Refugee System Stinks”, but the OHRT appears to be somewhat complicit in this as well.

An illegal immigrant since 1999 applied for refugee status, challenged the $500 fee in federal court, applied for health coverage in Ontario and was denied, and challenged that denial in court. Now having wasted a ton of taxpayer dollars in frivolous legal pursuits, she is now complaining to the OHRT that she is being treated differently than immigrants and refugees who play by the rules. On top of that, she demands that the OHRT grant her health coverage in Ontario. Luckily, the OHRT refused, even though it acknowledged that they had the power. Nevertheless, the fact that they’re even responding to this BS is perplexing to say the least.

Fourth: Joseph Brean at the National Post delves a little deeper into the dismissed complaint against a newspaper editorial in Prince Edward County.

Fifth: While it’s a good thing that Saskatchewan is moving further to get rid of its Human Rights Tribunal at the behest of its Commission, some of the other suggestions of the Commission are kind of freaky. Besides brainwashing teenagers, expanding the closed-door mediation system, and maintaining its gatekeeper function, Commissioner Arnot also wants to move towards a model of “systemic advocacy” championed by the OHRC, in which governments and businesses are pressured by the Commission to, among other things, adopt affirmative action policies. One step forward, one step back.

Sixth: If you haven’t heard already, Richard Warman, self-declared Human Rights Crusader, is on the warpath again. Now he’s suing Blazing Cat Fur. Go, show your support, and donate to the legal defence fund!


3 Responses to The Lynch Mob, 29-Oct-2010

  1. Kevin says:

    I’m looking forward to the Whatcott case. The Supreme Court may take the chance to revisit it’s old decision on the constitutionality of human rights code “hate speech” provisions.

    And it’s in the context of gay rights, so it will give some of us the opportunity to explain again that censorship isn’t the way to help LGBT equality.

  2. I think a hindsight re-read of Taylor will make it clear that the Commissions and Tribunals have gone far past the boundaries that justice Dickson tried to establish in his naivete. My hopes are quite high that McLachlin’s bunch will not be so gullible.

    With the Lemire case working through Federal court right now, I wonder if the SCC can kill two birds with one stone here…

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