The Lynch List, 03-Nov-2010

First: Ever wonder if the Human Rights Commissions will stay out of politics? Not in New Brunswick.

The dispute on abortion funding between the Morgantaler clinic and the provincial government has been going on in the courts for years. The government insists that it will not fund elective abortions, while the Morgantaler camp believes that abortion-on-demand is a medical necessity and is of the position that the Canada Health Act mandates full funding for it.

Now the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission is opening up an inquiry into it. Maybe they don’t have enough work to fill up their budgets or something, but either way they are straying into unbroken ground, in addition to interfering in a matter currently before the courts.

The Commissions would have just as much legitimacy (more, in the opinion of some) in calling an inquiry into whether abortion violates the human right to life of the unborn. Somehow I don’t see that happening, given the ideological bent of our Commissions…

Second: The latest made-up human right: Your right to self-confidence.

Another employee seeking six-figure damages for “erosion of self-confidence”. But this time, there is icing on the cake for the defendant – his employer is a public politician, which gives him extra leverage when it comes to negotiation. No public politician wants to go before a Human Rights Tribunal.

Nevertheless, Toronto councillor Frances Nunziata wouldn’t bend under the demands and is now testifying at the OHRT, losing two days of employment as she is forced to attend the hearings.

Third: Again on the Right to Self-Confidence. This headline simply writes itself: Woman denied job at Jenny Craig for being too fat:

Bertuccio says that when she revealed past injuries suffered during weight-loss attempts, the interviewer doubted her ability to lose weight successfully with Jenny Craig.

She didn’t get the job, and believes that her weight was the deciding factor.

“The first thing that went through my head was just extreme pain and hurt — just embarrassment,” Bertuccio said.

Her confidence was shaken, and she decided to file a human rights complaint.

Maybe she set her own confidence up for a letdown, but that doesn’t mean squat in a Tribunal.


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