Campaign Launched to Counter Human Rights Commissions

Looks like someone is picking up where Ezra Levant et al left off.

As most of you know, I’ve been railing against the Human Rights ‘roos for some time here at the Lynch Mob. It does get kinda lonely – stalwarts such as Blazing Cat Fur, Scaramouche, Walker Morrow, and even Mark Steyn keep up the fight on their blogs, but not much is being done to convince Joe Blow Voter on the street that there is a problem. We can have all the sympathetic parliamentarians in the world occupying our legislatures but they won’t do anything until there’s strong public opposition to the HRCs.

Hopefully this website and accompanying campaign will change that. At the very least, it’s a start:

Canadians are blessed with incredible freedoms and privileges. But that does not mean that these are guaranteed or will continue without challenges. In recent years, quasi-judicial commissions and tribunals have been exploiting the authority they were entrusted with by creating new “rights” and undermining the fundamental freedoms that we easily take for granted, including freedom of speech and expression, freedom of religion and conscience, freedom of the press, and freedom of assembly and association.

Here’s the intro video from the site:

Also noted by BCF, and Celestial Junk


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