If only the rest in the Liberal Party were so articulate

Interestingly enough, during the push-back against Human Rights Commissions in Canada, it has been members of the Liberal Party of Canada that have been at the fore.

Some might expect this position to be held by the Conservative Party of Canada – what with its libertarian and social conservative base members. However, while many in the Conservative Party of Canada base have internally expressed their desire for HRC reform, the party brass has, time and again, been too afraid to touch that particular file.

Indeed, even when it would have been fairly easy and fairly painless, the PMO has dropped the issue of the CHRC’s infamous Section 13(1): in the senate, after the last prorogue; through back-door routes by actually increasing the CHRC’s funding. Rod Bruinooge aside, the CPC just doesn’t seem to have the guts to take on the human rights industry in Canada.

The Liberal Party of Canada, officially, has not done much better. But it was a Liberal MP, Keith Martin ( who is, incidentally, resigning ) who introduced a private member’s motion calling for Section 13(1) to be scrapped.

And – with many thanks to Russ Campbell for finding this clip – a couple of months back, another Liberal member and supporter gave a very spirited defense of freedom of expression in the face of the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

Akaash Maharaj has served as the LPC National Policy Chair, was one of the authors of the party’s Red Book platform, and served on the party’s National Executive. And early in October, on The Agenda with Steve Paikin, he gave the following monologue:

Good for you, Mr. Maharaj. You’re a credit to your party. Now, if only we can get a few more to stand up and speak their minds…


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