The Lynch List, 01-Dec-2010

First: Even the CHRC can’t get their ducks in a row. They are supposed to register any of the kafka-esque penalties emanating from the CHRT with the federal court for enforcement. In the case of neo-Nazi Terry Tremaine, who was taken to the CHRT by Richard Warman, the CHRC neglected to inform him of the federal court order in time. As a result, Tremaine was able to thumb his nose at the order, and continued to flip the bird at the federal court judge when he was brought up on contempt charges.

We may not be able to count on the slumber of their cruelty, nor the satiation of their cupidity, but at least the omnipotent moral busybodies who torment us with the approval of their own consciences may at times be completely inept.

(I think that popping sound you just heard was Warman’s head exploding. )

Second: Baby steps, my friends. The abolition of Saskatchewan’s Human Rights Tribunal isn’t going to solve all the problems overnight. Yes, it will mean that there are no more quasi-judicial rules made up on the fly. Yes, it will mean that qualified judges, and not human rights activists, will preside over the cases. Yes, it will mean that there will likely be more respect for the Rule of Law.

But the proposed changes, unveiled recently, still leaves taxpayers on the hook for all of a complainant’s costs. There remains no deterrent for frivolous or malicious complaints. And the behind-the-scenes strongarming will continue, through greater powers of “mediation” granted to the Saskatchewan HRC.

All in good time, dear readers. Politics is the art of the possible, no?

Third: A radical advocacy group for sex-trade workers in the Ontario-Gatineau area has filed a human rights complaint against Ottawa police for alleged brutality and assaults. Of course, in true OHRC style, the complaint neglects to provide any means by which the allegations can be corroborated:

The report conceals their identities, making their accounts of police mistreatment impossible to verify.
You think the OHRC needs this thing you call “verification”?

Fourth: The Americans are watching the Levant vs Vigna libel suit closely. To them, this would be an unconscionable infringement of speech freedoms recognized by the First Amendment. Mark Hemingway writes:

Perhaps it’s time for prominent American leaders to loudly exercise their God-given, unalienable rights to let our northern neighbors know free speech shouldn’t stop at the border.

Fifth: Another complaint launched against another company that is trying to reduce employee absentee rates. This time, a Quebec casino is being hauled into a Tribunal to answer as to why they used sick-days as part of the employee’s performance evaluation. Heaven forbid that an employee be rewarded for showing up for work every day of the year.


3 Responses to The Lynch List, 01-Dec-2010

  1. grassrute says:

    The abolition of Saskatchewan’s Human Rights Tribunal is a good start. Until the other provinces follow suit, is there anything stopping Saskatchewan residence from Commission shopping in other provinces?

  2. Kevin says:

    Answer to grassrute–yes there is. Each Commission/Tribunal only has jurisdiction over matters within their province/territory, and for the rare items that fall under federal jurisdiction, that is exclusive as well.

    There’s some confusion about this when it comes to publications, though, since the same publication can (and usually does) have a presence in several provinces, and an online presence which falls under federal jurisdiction.

    • grassrute says:

      Thanks Kevin. It’s reassuring that each Commission/Tribunal only has jurisdiction over matters within their province/territory, this is sure to reduce the number of frivolous complaints.

      With regards to publications however, I can foresee the opportunist wimps, who believe they have a right not to be offended, shopping around for the Commission most likely to censure.

      I don’t mean to be a party pooper, we can still celebrate what took place in Saskatchewan.

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