The Lynch List, 03-Dec-2010

First: You mean we don’t have a human right to year-round snow-free driveways? Aww, OHRT, you’re such a spoilsport!

Second: When one province takes the initiative on a particular issue, it is often referred to as being “innovative”, or “showing leadership”, or “taking a bold first step”. Unless it’s reforming the abusive human rights system – then it’s “out of step” or “marching to a different drummer”.

Third: Here’s Part 3 of Troy Media’s fawning series on Canada’s human rights system, if you can stomach it. It includes this quote:

The beast of discrimination is now more subtle; it stalks its new prey and creeps into new territory. In human rights terms, today’s version of yesteryear’s Jewish quota is poverty.

And today’s version of yesteryear’s segregated washrooms is climate change. Really, they’re practically the same thing.

Fourth: Aleks Gerd’son is finally moving out of the University of Victoria student housing, where he has lived for twenty years despite not being a student since 1997. When UVic threatened to take him to court, he lodged a BCHRT complaint to buy time. Well, the courts have already wrapped up the case and appeal in UVic’s favour, while the BCHRT is still dawdling around. Fast, effective resolution of grievances, right?

Fifth: Saskatchewan’s Federation of Labour opposes the proposed changes to the province’s Human Rights Act. While making it even more clear that the existing system is the sacred cow of the extreme left, the SFL press release drops this howler:

The amendments, if passed, will impose unreasonable deadlines for issuing a complaint on society’s most vulnerable.

You mean, a one-year statute of limitations is an “unreasonable deadline”?


One Response to The Lynch List, 03-Dec-2010

  1. Kevin says:

    That Troy Media series is shaping up to be quite terrible, whichever side of the issues you find yourself on.

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