The Lynch List, 15-Dec-2010

First: The Commissions and Tribunals aren’t the only monopolistic entities that are hell-bent on deciding what you can and can’t hear. The CBSC (Canadian Broadcast Standards Council) is a creature of the private sector, but it is following in the footsteps of our Human Rights Commissions in its targeted censorship of opinions that fall out of the mainstream.

I will be posting this in more detail to follow, but here’s the sneak peek.

Second: A Catholic school board terminates a contract with a consulting firm when they discover that the firm is run by a Raelian cult. In steps the Quebec Human Rights Commission to burn the school board at the stake.

Gee, we’ve come full circle from Salem, haven’t we? (see BCF for a great poster)

Third: You never know what the OHRC will outlaw next. If you see some human rights officers recording your every word at your next community meeting, now you know why:

Finally, the Ontario Human Rights Commission has ruled that NIMBYism can be considered a form of discrimination.

Fourth: Caught between a rock and a hard place – just where the HRC’s want to keep employers in perpetuity:

The Ontario Human Rights Commission reminds us that the law protects both expressions of religious belief AND the refusal to participate in religious observances. As an employer, you must find the correct balance.

Fifth: Former OHRC member and gay activist Tom Warner released a book recently, in which he claims that the purpose of the Human Rights Commissions is to destroy our nation’s Christian morality and replace it with a new form of secular morality.

I guess that explains why the OHRC’s victims are largely Christian, conservative, and straight. I wonder how many other Commission members, with extraordinary powers that go far beyond any judge, believe the same thing.

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