The Lynch List, 17-Dec-2010

First: The Supreme Court will hear an appeal to the pay-equity battle that has been going on for decades. The federal court threw out the case, flabbergasted at why the CHRC would pursue this matter for 27 years. When you see that the union complaining in this case is the same union that most CHRC employees belong to, you might begin to understand.

Second: David Arnot of  Saskatchewan’s HRC defends the government’s move to disband the province’s Human Rights Tribunal. It is a little scary to hear of all the new powers that his agency has, however. This “Directed Mediation” sounds eerily similar to “Enhanced interrogation techniques”…

Third: Here’s a slightly more coherent addition to Troy Media’s series on human rights, which is no less biased than previous articles. Besides heavily quoting from one side of the argument – again – there are a lot of instances of curious word choice and phrasing:

Legitimate criticism about their effectiveness has been obscured by controversy on issues of free speech. Commissions have been described as “kangaroo courts” intent on stifling free expression in pursuit of a politically-correct agenda.

In other words, those who criticize the Tribunals for not going far enough are “legitimate”, while those who voice concerns about free speech are “obscuring” the matter.

Fourth: I wonder if this will be accepted as a human rights complaint. Nah, the complainant speaks English!


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