Weekend commentary: blasphemy in Calgary, discrimination in Whitehorse

A couple of quick stories that I thought were worth a quick comment.

First, and thanks to Blazing Cat Fur for his sharp eye in catching these, Marvin Levant ( yes, the father of that Levant ) and our old friend Syed Soharwardy, duke it out in the letters page of the Calgary Herald.

First, Marvin Levant’s letter:

Re: “Time to reach out to those in need,” Syed Soharwardy, Opinion, Dec. 22.

In his attempt to equate the values of Islam and Christianity, Syed Soharwardy leaves out the most important relationship between Islam and Jesus.

Jesus is to come back as a Muslim, he will break the cross (destroy Christianity) and be a slave to Islam. He will also abolish the jizya, which will leave Jews and Christians with only two options — to convert to Islam or die.

Then, Syed Soharwardy’s rather testy reply:

Re: “Blasphemy,” Letter, Dec. 28.

If Marvin Levant can show me a single verse in the holy Qur’an of what he wrote in his letter, I will be his slave for the rest of my life. However, if he cannot show me such statements in our holy book, Qur’an, he should apologize to Muslims and Christians. Levant used non-authentic Hadith and the opinions of some Muslim scholars, just as some anti-Semites misquote the Talmud. Mr. Levant, I am ready to offer you a one-on-one course on Islam. This is Christmas and New Year celebration time. Please do not spoil the spirit. Thanks.

I’m hoping for a cage match, myself.

Our second story for the weekend comes out of Whitehorse, where a man is suing the Yukon Human Rights Commission for, get this, discrimination. From the Whitehorse Star:

David Ausiku is suing the Yukon Human Rights Commission for $2 million, claiming “systematic denial of service”, “discrimination”, “defraudation (sic) of perverting the truth from (his) writing” and “causing events to occur negatively instead of making them simple.”

In documents filed in Yukon supreme Court on Monday, Ausiku lists six complaints he has made to the commission since 1994.

All of them, he says, have been either dismissed without first being properly investigated or completely ignored.

David Ausiku sounds like exactly the kind of person who would sue a Human Rights Commission: the guy hasn’t found a dispute he couldn’t file grievance over, it seems.

Still, it would be a shame if an HRC were to find itself in trouble for actually showing some common sense, for once. Talk about sending the wrong signals.


4 Responses to Weekend commentary: blasphemy in Calgary, discrimination in Whitehorse

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  2. David K. Ausiku says:

    If my cases are not justly handled, many things done against me in Canada will be revealed to the world community and will bring shame to many including our own Canadian Democratic Justice System. This started in 1987 in Edmonton when I was used as an experiment by the surgeon. What I am trying to do is to discourage those in power positions not to mistreat the poor. Justice should be justice for all.

  3. Linen Whiter says:

    Hi David,

    im greeting you from you mother land Namibia, i had alot about you as a young man. we have songs composed in you name but never got to see u. Nahara Kuzogera none, Otate membolyeni vakere moRundu. Ngesi moSwakop vatunga. Nganilitongonona sene nomutjangerange: linenwhiter@gmail.com

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