The Lynch List, 03-Jan-2011

Happy New Year to all, and the start of another year of keeping an eye on the HRCs:

First: If a man is too fat to fit through a standard doorway, does that mean the authors of the building codes are guilty of discrimination? Along the same lines:

A publicly-funded program to rehabilitate stroke victims needs to apply selection criteria to ensure that resources are allocated to those most likely to benefit. The doctors are well aware that overweight persons are much less likely to reach the goals of the program, and therefore few laterally-challenged patients are admitted.

Time for a human rights complaint!

Second: The NaPo’s primary HRC-watcher, Joseph Brean, pens a column lamenting the demise of free speech:

But the tripwire sensitivities that are enabled by everything from outraged single-issue bloggers to workplace grievance policies can have the cumulative effect of making people afraid to speak their minds or crack a joke. Criticize Israel, you are an anti-Semite. Criticize Islam, you are an Islamophobe. Mention race and good luck to you.

…But when the urge to complain is enabled and encouraged, and every humourless butt-inski has a global audience, the danger is that Canada becomes a nation of prudes, unable to laugh at itself, and scared to laugh at anyone else.

Third: Meet the new Tribunal Chair – not all that different from the old Tribunal chair:

Lana Murray alleges she was laid off from her management job with Rocky Mountain Trading in January 2010 because she was pregnant.

Rocky Mountain Trading denies it discriminated, claiming Murray was let go for economic reasons unrelated to her pregnancy.

Acting tribunal chair Bernd Walter has denied the company’s application to dismiss the complaint.

Fourth: Xanthippa continues his great work reporting on the Richard Warman vs Free Dominion free speech case: Part 4.

Fifth: In Ontario, those in receipt of ODSP disability benefits can rent living space on the income, then, with a single phone call to the government, rescind the payment arrangement. What’s more, ODSP income cannot be garnished. No wonder landlords are so hesitant to rent out to ODSP recipients that the OHRC stamped their foot and unilaterally declared it illegal to refuse them accommodations.

Follow an interesting discussion.

Sixth: A chuckle to sign off with: Overheard on the comment board at SDA:

In the matter of the ONTARIO HUMAN RIGHTS TRIBUNAL vs Jesus Christ, Peter the fisherman, et al., regarding the matter of the foretold appearance of angels at the end of the age to harvest the righteous and burn the unrighteous, be it known that the TRIBUNAL finds the defendants guilty of contravention of the Ontario Human Rights Act, specifically, where it prohibits discrimination against any person on the grounds of being “damned to hell”


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  2. […] UTOPIAN BUSYBODIES– The Lynch List, 03-Jan-2011; Weekend commentary: blasphemy in Calgary, discrimination in […]

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