The Lynch List, 05-Jan-2011

First: All things are not rosy in the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal offices:

The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal is facing an outpouring of anger from workers who complain of a toxic workplace that is undermining the quasi-judicial agency’s ability to do its job.

More than half of the 25-member staff, including middle and senior level managers, have left, taken sick leave or retired over the past year. At least three have filed formal harassment complaints.

Unions representing workers confirmed they received numerous complaints of abuse of authority, intimidation and personal harassment. They say employees describe a work environment that has deteriorated “to the point of toxicity.”

I’m surprised they haven’t blamed the blogs yet…

Second: The BC Human Rights Act only governs employment – and not private contracts, like the Ontario version. But the BCHRT doesn’t need to follow any silly Act, especially because the Act itself encourages the tribunal members to read the legislation “expansively” in the context of remediation. So the BCHRT has now expanded the definition of “employment” to include law firm partners, and it’s not a stretch to use the same reasoning to extend the definition over all private contracts. See, who needs elected lawmakers when the HRTs are so adept at it…

Third: State in a job posting that you are looking for workers to “rejuvinate” your workforce? That just might be age discrimination.

Fourth: Online forums for landlords are possibly the best place to find some quality b*tching about the effect that the OHRC’s stupidity has on the housing situation in Ontario. Recently:

It was stated many times by fire officials and the media that the tenant’s hoarding in the fire apt caused the extreme fire conditons, tremendous difficulty in extinguishing the fire and the need for the massive quantities of water to fully extinguish the fire.

…Further to this, under the provincial govt’s ontario residential tenancies act, no landlord (including the TCHC) has any effective timely recourse if a tenant hoards in their apartment. In fact our residential tenancies act and Ontario Human Rights Commission PROTECTS a tenant’s RIGHT to hoard.


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