The Lynch List, 10-Jan-2011

Seeing as how some human rights violations are more equal than others, the Lynch Lists will continue with its hierarchical numbering…

First: A Halifax man is claiming he has the human right to take a stroller of any size onto city buses. After being refused entry to a bus, Mohammed Ehsan is complaining that the bus system discriminated against “mothers with newborns“.

I’d like to launch a complaint against Ehsan for insinuating that only mothers have newborns. Are fathers not capable of taking the kid(s) for a walk?

Second: Trust the BCHRT to author another installment of “Jurisdiction? We don’t need no steenking jurisdiction”. A distance-education student of an American university has launched a complaint against her school – in Virginia – with the BCHRT. The Tribunal decided it would not dismiss the complaint due to the jurisdictional issue. The school has instead been ordered into the mediation process. I wonder if the university has stopped laughing yet.

In addition, the complainant also named her future employer, a provincial government agency, as a respondent. Dig, dig, digging for gold.

Third: The Supreme Court of Saskatchewan sided with the province’s Human Rights Commission in rejecting two legislative proposals that would allow marriage commissioners to abide by their conscience while performing their job.

Fourth: Are these the type of upstanding citizens that the Human Rights system is designed to help? After helping to launch several complaints with the OHRC while a student at the University of Windsor, Yared Bogale was caught by police with three stolen shotguns in his luggage. Now he’s a no-show at court. Bogale used the OHRC and the University as part of a campaign to get earlier charges of assaulting a police officer dropped. I can’t get the term “useful idiots” out of my head for some reason.

Fifth: Oh, the brutality! A prisoner was “shoved to a wall” when a scuffle broke out between other prisoners. It could only be because he’s Metis. Time for a complaint!

Sixth: Don Cherry doesn’t have the right to support the military on-air, says a group of communists. In a demand reminiscent of the Fairness Doctrine, the activists demand equal air-time on CBC to denounce our military.


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