More qualified head officials for government bureaucracies? No, no, that shouldn’t be.

Since we here at the Lynch Mob have been talking about the ‘toxic environment’ at the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, I thought it would be fitting to highlight this story from the Ottawa Citizen:

OTTAWA — Public servants angrily complaining of “toxic” workplaces at agencies upholding human rights in Canada and integrity in government have sparked calls for more rigorous screening of the political appointees picked to head federal agencies.

The complaints of workers at the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal sound eerily similar to the poisoned workplace Auditor General Sheila Fraser found when she investigated harassment complaints against Public Sector Integrity Commissioner Christiane Ouimet.

“When half of the staff at the human rights tribunal disappears, that’s alarming, said Milt Isaacs, president of the Association of Canadian Financial Officers.

“When you see smoke like that, it should be investigated and there should be a more extensive vetting of these people’s management style. They may be great experts and know human rights, but that doesn’t make them good managers.”

You don’t say…


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