The Lynch List, 21-Jan-2011

Not much news, but plenty of commentary in today’s List:

First: Hoo, boy. A brave columnist in the Vancouver Sun takes on the right-to-breastfeed-in-everyone-else’s-face crowd:

So what’s wrong with putting a receiving blanket over the baby and your boob if you want to breastfeed in a store? What’s the big deal about going back to your car, turning on the heat and feeding the baby while the toddlers listen to Raffiin the back seat? Why would you think it’s appropriate, much less your right, to slurp and burp a baby on a chair that a retailer is trying to sell and someone else might want to buy sans spittle?

Got a good Human Rights lawyer, Shelley Frilac? The opportunists already have shovels in hand, and they’re dig, dig, digging for gold

Second: Ah, yes. The Human Rights System is the perfect cudgel for the thin-skinned armchair censors to have their way with the media. A recent humour column in the Toronto Sun about Julian Fantino’s appointment to the federal seniors’ portfolio went something like this:

But Minister of Little Old Ladies and Geezers? I nearly burst my truss when I heard.

True, Fantino, 68, fits the demographic, but aren’t old people all soft and cuddly and smelling like pie-crusts?

Fantino’s crustiness has zilch to do with apples or lemon meringue.

I’d ask my friends over at Zoomer magazine what they think of his new posting, except I hate to disrupt nap-time.

Another GTA MP, Peter Kent, as the new environment minister, will deal with climate change, while Fantino is in charge of hormonal change, such as menopause and Viagra.

Cue the perpetually aggrieved:

As the Editor I expect you to ensure that the retraction and apology is printed. If this is not done within a reasonable period and I am not notified of when and where this retraction is printed my next action will be to lodge a complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

Third: An all-party parliamentary committee has recommended the creation of a Ministry of Human Rights. You might be forgiven for confusing this position with the “Resident Stooge of the United Nations”. The suggested responsibilities of the ministry include “the domestic implementation of Canada’s human rights obligations, [and] for monitoring of Canada’s human rights record and reporting these findings to the appropriate UN body.”

This arises out of accusations – from Cuba and Iran – that Canada has been “allowing deep levels of inequality to take hold”. Like, you mean, by refraining from foisting communism on an unwilling populace?

Fourth: Free-speechers will be interested to read this thorough run-down of the controversy over the OISE at U of T approving the anti-Semitic rants of Jenny Peto as a master’s thesis – and her claim that her freedom of speech and academic freedom are being violated.


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