The Lynch List, 11-Feb-2011

First: The BCHRT has ruled that a trade unionist sh*t-disturber may receive human rights employment protection under “political belief” as long as there is any evidence of adverse treatment on the basis of union activism. It dismissed this complaint because no evidence of adverse treatment was given, but the implication is clear:

…there must be some alleged comment or conduct to connect the adherence to, or expression of, an identified political belief to the alleged adverse treatment.

h/t Carmella Allevato

Second: The requirements of the Human Rights Act has resulted in a Ph. D in psychology a core requirement for any human resource professional. In order to stay onside with the “religious accommodation” clauses, employers must be able to differentiate between a “sincerely held belief” and mere preference:

Sincerity can be assessed by analyzing whether the alleged religious belief is consistent with the individual’s other current religious practices. Therefore, where an employee’s religious belief is less clear, the employer can inquire into the sincerity of the belief by considering the following:

  • The spiritual or moral nature of the belief, or both
  • Previous religious experience
  • The relationship between those previous religious beliefs and current beliefs
  • The connection between the religious belief and the requested accommodation
  • The extent to which the religious beliefs are applied in the employee’s daily life

Third: It’s American, but entirely appropriate (click to enlarge):

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