The Lynch List, 25-Feb-2011

First: Our brave Human Rights Tribunals are working hard for those accused of assaulting and threatening their boss to keep their civil-service job:

Bradford Junkin filed the complaint over the loss of his job in February 2008 with the B.C. sheriff’s service.

His dismissal came two months after he was charged with assaulting and uttering threats against his superior officer.

Second: A Victoria employer was found to be guilty of discrimination on the basis of sex because he did not hug his male employees as much as his female ones. While it’s certainly inappropriate for any employer to “hug” an employee in the manner described in this case, I wonder if he would have been acquitted if he hugged his male employees too. Oh, and those hugs cost $10,000. Repeat after me – remedial, remedial, remedial…

BCF has more on the case of the serial hugger.

Third: Maybe the Human Rights Commissions can do some good in this case – where Quebec’s courts are deeming any religious symbol in a taxi to be “contraband“.

Fourth: Barbara Hall, apart from never playing a hockey game in her life, wants to take hitting completely out of the NHL game. I’m sure her OHRC will get right on that. Oh, and she manages to somehow ensure that her views on capital punishment are publicized in an interview about hockey.

If I might borrow a quote from the “infamous” Mike Milbury, I think Barbara is certainly an expert in “pansification”, and not just concerning hockey.

Fifth: Here’s a wonderful open question that I encourage you to answer: What human rights are ignored in Canada? (hint: start with the Charter’s section 2)


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