The Lynch List, 7-Mar-2011

A light one for you today.

First: The CHRT must really be dysfunctional. They’re starting to make sense:

The Tribunal, however, is not a panacea for workplace disputes and general allegations of unfairness.

If only they (and their provincial cousins) would practice what they preach.

Second: England’s Human Rights Commission backtracked on a statement in a recent intervention in which it characterized Christian parents as “infecting” their children with their beliefs:

Unfortunately a mistake within our legal submission led to an inference that we did not intend and which was misconstrued as suggesting that the Commission equates Christian moral views with an infection.

It was a “Drafting error”. Riiiiiiiiiight.

Third: The CHRC (or, at least one of its cheerleaders) is spreading its propaganda on Wikipedia. Canada’s federal “employment equity” is clearly positive discrimination, or preferential hiring, within the civil service for four recognized groups: women, aboriginals, visible minorities, and people with disabilities. Someone is trying to obscure the truth in Wikipedia.


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