The Lynch List, 09-Mar-2011

First: Here’s a perfect example of how anti-discrimination laws can be abused, bankrupting Canadians and damaging the economy in the process. Chander Grover is a former scientist at the National Research Council who has been filing complaints against his employer for over 24 years. Admitting that he is a “troublesome” employee, Grover has filed his fifth human rights complaint, to go along with a civil lawsuit that is still in the works.

Grover’s lawyer openly states that their goal is to grind the government down in costs until they buckle. “A fair resolution wouldn’t cost the government this much money. It’s like a grudge match.” It’s cost us $2-million dollars for the government’s lawyer alone, plus the court and Tribunal administrative costs.

Second: Though it’s still in the realm of he-said, she-said, it’s not hard to figure out that your career as a medical student isn’t going anywhere while you’re launching complaints and lawsuits against your professors and deans. But that’s the essence of a new complaint against the University of Ottawa. I’m looking forward to the details coming out in due time.

Third: You have a human right to pile as many university students as you can into a rental property, despite the problems it brings to the neighborhood. Seems funny to say that the Ontario Human Rights Commission is defending the right of landlords to offer squalid, cramped living conditions to student tenants, but that’s the way it goes in Ontario.

Fourth: The public was barred from one of Marc Lemire’s hearings. Yet the APTN is arguing that they should be able to televise the upcoming human rights hearing on child welfare funding. Will we get consistency?

Fifth: Commentary and new developments on the Saguenay prayer kerfuffle

Sixth: If the new OHRC policy on “gender-based harassment” is truly neutral on gender, then why was it launched on International Womens’ Day? And why does it only equip women?

“Women on our campuses need to be equipped with the tools that will give them the confidence to advocate for themselves, and resources are needed to create awareness around the seriousness of sexual harassment.”

Silly me. It was never intended to be neutral. Just like religious discrimination (Christians can’t be victims), racial discrimination (whites are by nature unconsciously racist), and discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation (try to have a Straight Pride parade proclaimed in your town).

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