The Lynch List, 11-Mar-2011

First: The mediation between Chander Grover and the National Research Council has failed. Of course, all the mediations are confidential, so we have no idea what Dr. Grover is demanding of the taxpayers to drop the many complaints he has filed. According to his lawyer, all the legal and human rights litigation is still going full steam ahead.

Second: The three doctors who launched a complaint against the University of Ottawa told their side of the story on Wednesday. Their allegations of racist discrimination were vague and no details were given. The dispute seems to center on what appears to be retaliation by the University against the ring-leader of the disgruntled group.

I’m not sure what in the Ontario Human Rights Code gives the Tribunal any powers to hear cases of internal dispute-handling within universities, but no doubt they will stick their noses into this.

Third: A school board in BC hangs out a sign saying “help wanted, blacks (and whites, and Asians) need not apply. Soon to be endorsed by your local Human Rights Commission.

Fourth: Stand Up for Freedom comments on the Serial Hugger case.


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