The Lynch List, 14-Mar-2011

First: Here comes another human rights complaint which demands that everyone else should have to shoulder the burden of their child’s disability:

Have you regularly taken time off from work/school/normal life to attend to routine, daily living care of diabetes such as administering insulin for meals, snacks or correction (injection or pump), or other routine care (blood glucose monitoring, changing insulin pump sites etc)?


If you answered yes to any of these, questions, you or your child may have been discriminated against.

Either take care of your own kids or ask others to help. Nicely. Don’t rush to a Tribunal to force others to fulfil your responsibilities.

Second: There’s a municipal committee in Vancouver, called the Diversity Team, which not only has a budget of over $700,000, but is tasked with ensuring that the libraries of the public schools are weeded for any “unacceptable” books. Though the claim of censorship was refuted by some teacher-librarians, there is evidence of “diversity officials” cleansing libraries of anything they didn’t like:

In 2009, retired teacher-librarian Val Hamilton sent a letter to the Courier describing those halcyon days when she ruled Vancouver school libraries at Carleton elementary and elsewhere. “When I took over a school library, the first part I weeded was the religion section,” remembered Hamilton. “I removed the Bible stories, in one school it was several dozen, and replaced them with a large selection of books explaining the various religions in the world.”

The author then accurately compares the Diversity Team to the BC Human Rights Tribunal:

Diversity is organic and self-evident. It flows in school hallways, marshalled by teachers, fostered by parents. The Diversity Team believes in diversity like the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal, another organization based on the sensibilities of a few, believes in human rights. When endorsing the narrow while proclaiming inclusion, the team enshrines hypocrisy in the school district canon.

How twisted, that we bankroll a small band of meddling activists while school libraries, where kids encounter genuine records of freedom and harmony, struggle to stay relevant.

Third: Here’s another example of how our the language is being turned into meaningless blather by the Human Rights “experts”:

Dufresne opened his bilingual presentation by paying tribute to that day’s 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day (March 8), saying that women could also be counted as persons with disabilities, given that they are often at a disadvantage – as a group and as individuals – in legal, professional and social issues, and while great strides have been made to correct this, there is still very much to do.

So there you have it. All women can claim disability rights, now, thanks to a redefenition of the term “disability”.

Fourth: Syed Soharwardy, former HRC speech complainant, doesn’t like to be called nasty names. The Calgary police, luckily, haven’t been quite as willing as the Alberta Human Rights Commission to bust some kneecaps on his behalf.


2 Responses to The Lynch List, 14-Mar-2011

  1. grassrute says:

    “women could also be counted as persons with disabilities” Who knew that the need to wear a bra was the result of a disability? It’s time La Senza was gov’t subsidized.

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