The Lynch List, 08-Apr-2011

First: Remember the hearings over the dispute between CBSA and an Akwesasne woman, who blamed the border guards for “irradiating” her unborn child and forcing her to get an abortion because of it? The tribunal member, who has faced countless accusations of bias (surprise, anyone?), has now resigned before concluding the case, and will pass the file to someone else.

Second: While most federal candidates are steering clear of both sides of this issue, a Conservative candidate offered some support for Mayor Tremblay on the prayer-in-council Tribunal decision that is being appealed.

Third: What does the controversy over the approval of day-passes for BC child-killer Schoenborn have to do with the BC Human Rights Tribunal? Walker Morrow makes the connection.

Fourth: A blogger rightly notes: Human Rights Leads to Despotism

Human rights legislation is essentially idealism on paper. It is subject to gross violations of common sense, to whims and notions…

Before this fledgling despotism flies on its own, society has a choice. Abolish human rights commissions and tribunals altogether, and leave such matters to real courts. (The taxes saved would be enormous.) Or, we can clarify the law with rigid definitions of all operative words. The present criteria of political correctness, feelings, tendencies and vagueness merely fuel the fires of despotism.

Fifth: The BCHRT is turning disabilities into an even larger liability than they already are. Just as an earlier complaint turned “family status” into a licence to unilaterally make scheduling demands of the employer, likewise a disability appears to absolve the employee from all but the worst workplace behavior. All that needs to be established is that the disability was a “factor” in the firing decision, however small, and we’ve got a successful human rights complaint.

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