The Lynch List, 10-Apr-2011

First: Remember the substitute teacher in an Alberta Catholic school who was let go after having a sex change? (S)he has rejected a settlement offer, including reinstatement and $78,000, from the school board because it was accompanied by a confidentiality clause.

Respondents are often slapped with confidentiality clauses to prevent them from speaking about the injustice done to them via the human rights system. What’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander, Buterman?

Second: A blogger is almost as incredulous as I am over the food bank complaint:

This just boggles my mind! If such a complaint can be even considered by the Human Rights Tribunal, the latter must be so overrun with political correctness that it positively reeks of patchouli and prissiness!

Third: I think there are Canadians of all stripes who believe the Human Rights Museum is a bad idea – that it would morph into a politically correct competition between real and supposed atrocities to see which would get primacy in the hierarchy. It is interesting to note that the museum was first conceived as a Holocaust museum – and has been hijacked by the same usual suspects that abuse our human rights system for their own gain.

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