The Lynch List, 02-May-2011

Get out there and vote!

First: An interesting complaint has been launched that alleges many abuses at an Ontario youth-detention facility. It is interesting because by going to the Human Rights Tribunal, the complainant is signalling that he is in it for himself (demanding a six-figure payment), and not for those who were subject to the abuse. 

Nevertheless, he’s using a potent rhetorical tool to enrich himself – framing the complaint in the context of the abuse of teenagers rather than the matters that are actually material to the complaint.

Second: Another illustration of the strategem: “I’ll keep launching complaints and give you bad publicity until you give me a wad of money”:

A former female employee of an Aboriginal organization is asking the Federal Court to overturn a Human Rights Commission decision to dismiss a sexual harassment complaint against Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau, according to a court document.

Brazeau’s former non-profit organization, the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples, has already buckled under the financial stress of fighting these complaints and paid the complainant to go away.

Third: Stand Up For Freedom comments on the dismissed OHRT case in which the complainant alleged that any statement regarding life beginning at conception is discriminatory to women:

The Tribunal’s silence on this matter can only be understood that pro-life political, philosophical, and/or theological viewpoints are simply assumed to be discriminatory and should therefore be banned, save for a few exceptions as spelled out under the Charter and in human rights jurisprudence.

Fourth: I commented on my blog a short time ago about the questionable definitions used by the Burnaby school board in their anti-homophobia policy. When a group of concerned parents descended on a school board meeting to protest the policy, the board chair simply threw up his hands and said (my paraphrase), “I know that this policy condemns certain religious beliefs and removes your right as a parent to decide on the moral education of your children, but dammit, the BCHRT made us do it!”

Fifth: Ezra Levant on the prospect of the NDP getting their hands on the levers of power:

My favourite NDP candidate is James McLaren, from Ottawa South. He made a joke the other day about the Jewish holiday of Passover, asking, “Is that the month when Jewish people like to buy Japanese cars?” Huh? If you’re going to make a Jewish joke, in this case about Passover being in the month of Nisan, it should at least be funny, not stupid.

Maybe McLaren will be in charge of the NDP’s human rights commission censors. They’re merciless if you’re not politically correct — you know, saying Personitoba instead of Manitoba. But their own bigotry is just fine.


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