The Lynch List, 19-May-2011

First: Even editorialists at the gay newspaper Xtra! oppose the Guy Earle ruling:

To me, a climate of mutual respect means a society where lesbians like Pardy don’t lose their homes, jobs, education or access to services just because they’re different. But that wasn’t the case here. In its determination to defend the vulnerable party, the tribunal oversimplified an important question and dismissed any hints of complexity or even wrongdoing on the lesbian’s part.

A good read.

Second: A university professor is fired for bad behavior. A year later, he finds out that he may have a mental disorder that explained his disruptive behavior – and launches a complaint alleging discrimination on the basis of a disability that neither he nor his employer knew he had at the time.

The fact that the BCHRT even accepted this complaint is absurd.

Third: What exactly are these school employees supposed to do?

When she arrived at the school some time later, she found her son lying curled on the floor in a fetal position with two police officers standing nearby. Two secretaries said they had to hold him back from running out of the office and that he kicked one of them in the shin.

In her complaint, the mother wrote that the confrontation caused B to suffer secondary PTSD and severe deterioration of his mental health.

I honestly cannot think of a single course of action in which the school employees would not be subject to some sort of human rights complaint. Oh well, in this system, you’re darned if you do, darned if you don’t…

Fourth: This is one to watch. A collective agreement protecting the jobs of older workers was struck down by a labour board in Ontario for contravening the Human Rights Act through age discrimination. The union insisted that the discrimination was okay since it was affirmative action on behalf of a disadvantaged group. Wonder if the OHRC is going to get involved…


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