The Lynch List, 03-Jun-2011

All’s relatively quiet on the Human Rights front:

First: The Human Rights system has taken real societal problems and thrown a pseudo-legal, authoritarian solution at it that spares no regard for fundamental liberties. There is a real possibility that the same thing might happen with other issues, like school bullying.

A former Nova Scotia tribunal member has joined a task force to find ways to address school bullying. Sounds innocuous, until you begin to read some of the methods he has in mind:

To what extent can schools regulate students who are sitting in the privacy of their own home on a computer?

…That would be one of the first questions in terms of legislation or policy (for the task force). What jurisdiction does any particular department have, whether it’s Education or Health or Social Services, in respect to this issue?

Again: bullying is a serious issue – but it does not justify the government snooping into home computers.

Second: A letter in the Langley Advance:

With a Conservative majority government and with incredible public support, now is the time to reform or even remove the Canadian Human Rights Commission and Tribunal.

Third: A messy situation in the municipality of Sudbury has escalated to Ontario Human Rights Commission, even though it’s not clear on what grounds the complainant was discriminated against. A union steward was rebuffed many times by city staff in his attempts to respond to complaints about a manager using offensive language, and a series of serious reprisals followed. With human resources ignoring the problem, the steward felt forced to take stress leave and thereafter switch to a different job within the municipality.

This looks like another example of a union using the Tribunal as a pressure tactic on its employer.


One Response to The Lynch List, 03-Jun-2011

  1. Bill says:

    Re item 1: are you now pro-bullying as well as pro-discrimination?

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