The Lynch List, 27-Jun-2011

First: Always making our roads safer.

For a long time, the ridiculous Entrop vs Imperial Oil decision virtually abolished all drug testing in safety-sensitive positions across Canada. Sure, there was the “BFOR” loophole, but even then it opened the employer to expensive human righs hearings since in human rights land you’re guilty until proven innocent.

Recently this policy became even more absurd with respect to the cross-border trucking industry; American regulatory authorities require drug testing of commercial drivers which is illegal in Canada. Most trucking companies take their chances with our laughable human rights system rather than open themselves up to massive lawsuits in the States.

What does that mean for Canadians?

Truckers hauling explosive or flammable loads have killed and badly injured people after getting drunk or stoned behind the wheel, an analysis by The Canadian Press has found.

Second: It isn’t easy to cut through the fluff and puff of the OHRC’s shiny new make-work project for Ontario’s police forces: Creating and Sustaining Organizational Change. But scratch a human rights activist, find a discriminatory identity politician:

Staff selected as lead change agents often come from equity-seeking groups, because of their social experiences, identified concerns, and generally stronger awareness of human rights aims…

If a person chosen a sole lead change agent is from a minority background, it is even more important for senior leadership to strongly communicate its vision and support for human rights change, and to prominently position lead change agents in the reporting hierarchy.

Third: To date, the biggest excuse their supporters can muster for not reforming the human rights system: complainants might have to pay for lawyers like their victims do!

Fourth: Nice to see that another provincial political party has promised to scrap their human rights commission. Just don’t pull a Hudak, Danielle Smith.


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