The Lynch List, 30-Jun-2011

First: The Supreme Court has decided it will hear an appeal to the Moore complaint that was initially (mis)handled by the BCHRT. For those who don’t remember, that’s the complaint in which the BCHRT arrogated to itself the powers of the Ministry of Education in deciding on the funding formulae for special needs children.

Second: Triple-dipping: After police couldn’t find evidence to lay charges, three alcoholics have filed civil claims and human rights complaints against security guards at  who allegedly singled them out and roughly handled them in a mall in Vancouver.

The Pivot Legal Society, who is sponsoring the complaints, is at the forefront in creatively expanding the definitions of enumerated grounds of discrimination in order to bully the businesses and police of Vancouver. This time, the complaint has been filed under “disability” since the complainants are alcoholics.

Third: How do you bankrupt a small municipality? From Jesse Ferreras:

A single case being argued before the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal against the Village of Pemberton is taking up a majority of its legal expenses.

So what complaint is being fought? A victim of a previous human rights complaint dared to go public with his side of the story. Only complainants are allowed to do that.

Fourth: Ezra Levant digs up the real reason why Alberta’s minister for culture and community spirit, Lindsay Blackett, did an about-face in 2009: after promising to repeal the hate-speech provisions of the provincial Code, Blackett only introduced expansions to the Code and a bigger budget for the Commission a short time later. The fingers are now pointed straight at Steady Eddie Stelmach himself.

Good timing for the Stand Up For Freedom Campaign to do a pamphlet blitz of Alberta.


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