The Lynch List, 13-Jul-2011

We have heard substantial rumors that Jennifer Lynch (for which this blog is named) has taken a leave of absence, likely for cancer treatments. We sincerely wish you a full and speedy recovery, Ms. Lynch.

First: Barbara Hall of OHRC infamy has spoken out in favour of the Islamic prayer services being conducted at a public school cafeteria in Toronto. That flies in the face of their earlier position on Jewish holidays at York University – where religious accommodation was seen as discrimination against people of other faiths. So which is it, Babs?

Second: A Mohawk woman intends to launch a complaint with the CHRT, in part because a border guard discriminated against her in a secondary processing station:

King says she was asked to sit down while processing by CBSA officials. King says non-aboriginals who came into the office after she did were not asked to sit down.

“(There was) a man, his wife and two or three children, but no one told them to sit down,” says King. “Another guy comes in, waving…a document. No one told him to sit down. I thought ‘there’s a discrepancy here.'”

Time for some good ol’ civil disobedience: a stand-in!

Third: I would have to say that I don’t disagree with this BCHRT decision, in which corrections services were reprimanded for offering access to Christian materials and chaplains to prisoners in segregation, but then denying requests for Aboriginal spiritual advisors and materials. Nevertheless, there is simply something very wrong with a career criminal being awarded any sort of monetary award for subpar treatment while incarcerated – in my opinion the award should be immediately siezed and go to recompense his victims who have suffered far more injustice than he.

Fourth: A human rights tribunal is about to be asked to get involved in an internal religious matter again. After the OHRC intervened to pressure the Catholic Church to accept gays as altar servers, the precedent has been set for BC’s dispute mediation system to stick its nose into internal Sikh matters.


One Response to The Lynch List, 13-Jul-2011

  1. Crusader says:

    The absence of Ms. Lynch has not curtailed the expenses of the A/Commissioner – Mr. Langtry who flies from Winnipeg to Ottawa and return every week.

    Nice gig if you can get it! mr. Harper – are you listening????

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