The Lynch List, 18-Jul-2011

First: A Vancouver lawyer has been awarded nearly $100,000 in damages over his difficulties in completing his articling. Though it is quite interesting that the complainant hasn’t practiced law in seven years since becoming a lawyer – he is too concerned with pursuing a “number of legal actions”.

What was the $100,000 for? An application for articling asked about past mental health history, which, in the Tribunal’s view, unjustly exposed the complainant to possible discrimination on the grounds of mental disability.

I kinda think it should be a bona fide job requirement for a lawyer to be in a serene state of mind, but what do I know…

Second: Okay, I had to laugh at this one. What happens when two (or more) fake human rights collide?

Across the country, young mothers are asserting their newfound rights, for example their right to openly breastfeed on someone else’s display furniture. Another front that hasn’t received much press until lately is the right to take strollers wherever they darn well please, even if it means overriding a bus driver’s concerns over the safety of other passengers. Add to this the right of the elderly and disabled to have readily-available seats at the front of the bus, and we have a full-blown unraveling of the “matrix of rights”. Maybe this calls for some “balancing”…

Third: A Niagara Regional Police officer has decided to go nuclear on his internal disciplinary proceedings – by filing a human rights complaint to say that he is being treated unfairly by the police board.

A Niagara Regional Police constable being disciplined internally for arresting a cyclist without cause has filed a complaint against the service with the Human Rights Tribunal.

Const. Nathan Parker filed the application on May 24, a police disciplinary tribunal heard Thursday.

“He feels he is being picked on by his employer and is the victim of bias,” NRP Insp. Lorne Lillico said Thursday.

Fourth: The Vancouver Province editorializes on the “stunners” that the rights industry keeps cranking out:

Once again, decisions springing from what should be called the human-rights industry of this country are making a mockery of actual human rights


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