The Lynch List, 21-Jul-2011

First: The human rights system in Canada was instituted to give victims of discrimination a more timely avenue than the courts to have their grievances addressed.

For a group of impoverished former tree-planters in BC, timely is the last thing they would call the Tribunal.

There was a proposal in BC to replace the BCHRT with an overarching employment tribunal, moving away from the language of discrimination and hurt feelings, and focusing instead upon contractual and property rights. It is quite likely that such a structure would have provided far more immediate redress.

Second: Two criminologists call for a repeal of Section 13. Great! But it’s not for the reasons that you and I might have…

Therefore, it is time that Parliament took decisive steps to deal with hate on the Internet. Specifically, abolish Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act and regulate the Internet the same way that radio and television are regulated.

Multiculturalism in Canada can only be truly protected, and broadened, by silencing those who openly call for harm to be perpetrated against individuals and groups because of their ethnic or religious identity or sexual orientation. Canadians’ right to freedom of expression should not be absolute.

The CRTC? You have got to be kidding me. Barbara Hall must have been an honorary lecturer at that university.

Third: The unions are at it again. An arm’s length bureaucracy that advocates for psychiatric patients wants to protect its inexorable growth and campaign of human rights complaints against the Canadian Mental Health Association. Bringing their advocacy group under the supervision of the very CMHA will remove the acrimonious relationship that provides them with endless make-work projects – that would kill their golden goose and shrink their bureaucracy. Can’t have that.


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