The Lynch List, 02-Aug-2011

First: Time to take some seniors to the cleaners, OHRT-style.

A housing complex with mostly seniors voted for a rule that excluded children under 2 from the outdoor pool. When a particularly persistent woman was refused access to the pool three times with her 10-month-old, she refused an invitation to ask for a rule change and instead launched a human rights complaint. The columnist wonders at the hubris of the housing board by issuing a notice for meeting on how to deal with a mother who had registered a complaint with the OHRT and is seeking monetary compensation:

That couldn’t poison the atmosphere against the mother, could it?

As if launching a human rights complaint without first bringing the matter to the housing board didn’t already irreversibly poison the atmosphere. The OHRT ruled in the mother’s favour and extracted $10,000 from the pockets of pensioners.

Second: The BC Human Rights Tribunal is the favored venue for opportunists of all stripes – but not all succeed:

Lee, who has a genetic bone disorder, had sought a formal public apology and financial compensation…

[The Tribunal] noted organizers made several unsuccessful attempts to contact Lee for input on the venue and that once her concerns came to light, organizers offered her alternatives and a sincere apology.



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