The Lynch List, 11-Aug-2011

First: Air Canada pilots were rebuffed in their complaint that sought to abolish mandatory retirement ages in the airline industry. The CHRT, which lately seems to have developed a knack for quickly dismissing divisive cases, cited a provision in the human rights act that allows federally regulated industries to terminate employees who have reached their normal age of retirement. No attempts to dodge, weave, or redefine the enabling legislation. Refreshing.

Second: A spokesperson for CASHRA compares the effects of hate speech to that of pornography – which is funny, because pornography is legal on the grounds of freedom of expression.

The argument for prohibiting hate extreme speech, is similar to the argument for banning pornography. The circulation of extreme messages against targeted groups leads to a society with greater tolerance for discriminatory action.

Third: A BC father believes that his diabetic son has a right to force everyone else to monitor his glucose levels and give him insulin shots. He wants all schools in the province to be forced to provide training and hire nursing staff in order to meet the needs of diabetic students. He tried to launch his complaint on behalf of all diabetics across the province, but luckily the BCHRT didn’t bite.

Again, accommodating the disabled is a worthy goal. But you cannot point a gun at someone and demand they do it.

Fourth: The irony of someone holding up a sign in Toronto’s Pride Parade that read, “Trans Rights Now”, is that they already have non-discrimination rights. Not by legislation, of course, but by the OHRC’s willy-nilly redefinition of their enabling legislation.


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