The Lynch List, 12-Sep-2011

First: Trouble brewing over at Esquimalt Fire Department. It looks like it’s headed to a “he said – he said” over some racism allegations. Malhotra, an Indo-Canadian former firefighter, claimed that he was the subject of racial taunts while he worked at the department. Yet his fire chief, David Ward, wrote in the termination letter that Malhotra appeared to have a chip on his shoulder:

Ward also wrote that Malhotra “made statements that seem to be provocative and designed to create incidents based on ethnicity.”

I can write this decision in my sleep; “I prefer the complainant’s version of events…”

Second: Steyn is, as always, at his best; this time on the absurdity of state speech controls:

Got that? If a Muslim says that Islam is opposed to homosexuality, Scotland Yard will investigate him for homophobia; but if a gay says that Islam is opposed to homosexuality, Scotland Yard will investigate him for Islamophobia. Two men say exactly the same thing and they’re investigated for different hate crimes.

Third: This didn’t happen in a Human Rights Tribunal, but nevertheless it’s more evidence that any quasi-judicial system will inevitably be abused by social activists masquerading as tribunal members who see their position as a licence to do good in their own eyes – with other peoples’ money. If definitions need to be stretched beyond the realm of credibility in order to achieve this, so be it:

Tribunal Member Linda LeBourdais ruled in 2009 that, in her opinion, “this young mother is overwhelmed with what is on her plate, over and above the impairments she experiences from her conditions. Together they make functioning on a day-to-day basis difficult. Lacking a significant education, a lack of workplace skills and experience, in addition to an inability to read and write, realistically preclude any chance for employment.”

That is a regrettable plight, the Divisional Court judges ruled, but it is not a disability.

Fourth: Now that it’s 9/12, we can remember some of the illiberal policies that came in the wake of the tragedy. The poorly administered no-fly list is one of them. But the CHRC is not the venue for correcting this problem. Not only do they care little for classic civil liberties, they can take up to six years to hear your case.

Fifth: Some guy is writing in the Propagandist about Heather McNoughton of BCHRT fame. Some guy. Don’t know him.


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