The Lynch List, 14-Sep-2011

Here’s your Wednesday run-down:

First: An interesting twist to the complaint from the Mohawk policeman fired for his public comments. He first filed a lawsuit, but then dropped it when he figured his chances would be better – and his legal bills much lighter – if he took this matter to a Human Rights Tribunal.

Hay, fired in January 2008 for remarks he made to a journalism student, initially filed a lawsuit, but dropped it in favour of a hearing with an Ontario Human Rights tribunal.

“After careful consultation with counsel, we decided that this was the best venue in which to hear this matter,” Hay said Tuesday, after the day’s negotiations ended.

Nice to have a friendlier (quasi-) judicial system if you can get it.

Second: This case tests the limits of absurdity. Yet absurdity is exactly what the BC Human Rights Tribunal entertains on a regular basis.

A special education teacher (with a generous sick-time benefits package) has been calling in sick for her day job, collecting her public service paycheck, and then working a night job for a second paycheck. When the school fired her for misuse of sick time, she complained to the BCHRT that she only suffers symptoms from her disability in the morning.


Third: Can you spot the racist?

After several years of paid and unpaid leave due to PTSD symptoms, Teresa Rush balked at the offers she was given as alternate employment now that she cannot continue working as a firefighter. Claiming that the offers were motivated by racism (she is aboriginal) her first complaint against the City of Richmond was thrown out. But she doubled down on falsely claiming racism and sexism, and launched a second complaint.

The BCHRT has now thrown out her second complaint, citing insufficient evidence. The only one incessantly talking about race is the complainant.


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