The Lynch List, 16-Sep-2011

First: A mysterious package showed up at CHRC offices in Ottawa. The whole place was evacuated. Assuming the package was intended to be “mysterious”, this is a juvenile and dangerous prank. Nevertheless, there are no reports of a sudden deluge of human rights violations on the afternoon that the Commission was out of commission…

Second: Another complaint being launched because a woman with a guide dog was evicted from a store. Is the complainant in the right? Yes. Are there far better ways to stand up for your personal rights and freedoms than jetting off to a human rights tribunal? Certainly. Getting your story out in the media is a great start.

Third: At the University of Windsor, it’s quite understandable that professors training social workers do not want some of their lectures recorded. The hope is for class participation, and who would be willing to share difficult personal stories or testimony if they knew they were being recorded?

Enter a disabled man who claims it’s his right (and his only) to record lectures. Off to the OHRT.

Fourth: Larry Hay has rejected settlement offers and is now proceeding to drag Ontario police (and taxpayers) through an expensive process in an attempt to prove his contention that the police force is a “racist organization”. One question I have – who is paying for Peter Rosenthal’s salary? He’s the same defense lawyer that got Shawn Brant off the hook after he blockaded the 401.


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