The Lynch List, 19-Sep-2011

First: The OHRC is soliciting papers on the relationship between human rights and religious freedom. The cynic in me likes to think that this is a whitewash and will be used to further subvert religious freedom with more fake human rights, and continue to subvert general freedom with more religious accommodation.

I also submit that I find fault with the premise of modern secularism: that there can possibly be a person without any religion or creed. Modern secularism seeks to elevate one particular belief system over the rest with the claim that they are areligious.

Second: Several white students at McGill masquerade as Jamaicans – black skin and all – and are now threatened with a human rights complaint. The complainant wants the offenders to be forced to learn about the “historical contributions of Jamaicans”. Besides reducing the human rights system further into a state of infantility, a victory at Qebec’s tribunal will make it a crime for a white person to wear black paint. Maybe it will also be a crime for a white person to get an artificial tan…

Third: The Taxiworkers Association is urging the OHRT to take the “widest possible interpretation of the Code” in order to strike down Toronto’s taxi licensing laws as discriminatory. If the Tribunal does indeed go this route, it would set a dangerous precedent in which any law that imparts derived value could be seen as discriminatory.

For example, any agricultural quota system could be seen as discriminatory if the current quota holders are predominantly white.


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