The Lynch List, 21-Sep-2011

First: Dr. Chander Grover does us all a favour by getting right to the heart of what the human rights racket is all about – give me money:

Grover said on Tuesday that the NRC should have spent its money on a settlement, rather than on professional help to orchestrate and defend his removal. He called the NRC’s $1 million legal bill “outrageous.”

What is outrageous is that the NRC, which is funded by tax dollars, was forced to spend $1 million in costs to begin with, thanks to a litigious serial complainer who “interpreted every attempt to manage him as a discriminatory act”. But that’s exactly what the complainants want, and exactly what the system is designed to do – pressure respondents to hand over bucketloads of cash to hypersensitive complainants (who must be a member of some protected group) under threat of huge legal costs.

Second: Another instalment in the series, “what to say when someone claims that human rights commissions don’t overstep their mandate”. Barbara Hall’s OHRC has always wanted to add “socioeconomic status” to the list of protected groups. Alas, it is not listed in the very legislation which gives the OHRC its mandate. That doesn’t stop them from including it along with other protected groups in their directives to schools and businesses:

The Ontario Human Rights Commission has added socioeconomic status to its list of factors to be considered when one looks to be inclusionary

Third: Fertility clinics are considering denying treatments to obese women, stating a much higher risk of complications. That’s discrimination, claim those who believe that being obese entitles them to all sorts of accommodations, like two seats on an airline for the price of one. Next up in the human rights tribunal: a morbidly obese woman names God as a respondent for subjecting the obese to increased risk of complications from IVF treatments…

Fourth: Heh. It looks like ridiculous human rights complaints aren’t only a phenomenon of the present. Looks like one offended Scot complained that the OHRC should have banned Monty Python skits back in the 70’s…

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