The Lynch List, 02-Nov-2011

First: The Toronto City Hall Press Gallery is the subject of a human rights complaint – for preserving one of mayoralty candidate Rocco Rossi’s campaign posters. The complaint states that the poster is degrading to Italians for taking a Mafia-style theme. Funny that there were no complaints against Rossi (an Italian Canadian) was putting up the posters, but once the Press Gallery does it, it’s discrimination. Puh-leez!

Second: Bernie Farber, ex-CEO of the Canadian Jewish Congress, editorializes on the CHRC; guess which way he leans?

Of course, we have a responsibility to ensure the infrastructure and regulations do not become such that the scales tip the other way. We must always be vigilant to ensure a fair balance, and fix the system when necessary.

…and herein is the key fallacy of the human rights backers, that it is possible to quantify social inequalities and provide accurate counterbalances via any machinery of the state. To which I respond in the famous words of F.A. Hayek:

…any policy aiming directly at a substantive ideal of distributive justice must lead to the destruction of the Rule of Law. To produce the same result for different people, it is necessary to treat them differently… It is very significant that socialists and Nazis have always protested against “merely” formal justice, that they have always objected to a law which had no views on how well off a particular people ought to be… 

Third: Not sure if I fully understand this yet, but it looks like the Supreme Court has just ruled that complainants cannot proceed with human rights complaints in two different administrative tribunals at the same time. Double-dipping, as we Speechies have called it. Thanks, SCC!

Fourth: A law student flunked out of law school, then blamed the school for not accommodating her disability that prevents her from sitting and writing for long periods of time (duh, what do you think lawyers do all day?). She gained readmission into law school several years later. Upon articling, her principal found out about her original dispute with the university and asked for a full transcript. The student believed that this disclosure was a violation of her human rights, and filed a complaint.

Chalk one up in favour of the OHRT – they wouldn’t bite on this one. Nevertheless, the law firm at which she articled has had their reputation tarnished, not to mention lost revenue from their attention turned to multiple re-applications of the complaint. Send the complainant the bill, I say.

Fifth: Ah, the BCHRT – where anyone who hates the police can rack up several thousand dollars in legal fees to strain the budget…

Sixth: Strictly for comedy relief only: Zombies launch a human rights complaint after children dress up in zombie costumes for Halloween:

With the Canadian Human Right Commission lawsuit, the Zombies hope to bring respect to their cultural ways and, be allowed to integrate into society so they can consume the brains of the living just like everyone else.

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